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Whether    you're    a    scholar    of    the    Technology,    Humanities,    the    Arts,    Medicine    or    Sciences,    at    the    Institute    of technology,   Humanities,   the   Arts,   Medicine   and   Science,   we   offer   lots   of   top-ranked   programs   with   a   proven   record of   success.   ITHAMS   is   one   of   the   leading   institutes   in   Malta   and   with   over   100   plus   courses   we   can   offer   you   the chance   to   reach   your   full   potential.   No   matter   where   you   look,   it's   clear   that   academic   excellence   is   an   essential part of the ITHAMS experience. Many   levels   of   study   are   covered   at   the   institute   including   foundation,   undergraduate   and   postgraduate   courses, as    well    as    diplomas.    The    Institute    also    has    a    wide    range    of    short    courses.    As    well    as    offering    a    world-class education    the    Institute    has    a    range    of    other    services    on    offer    including    a    data    archiving    and    networking, conference facilities and meeting rooms. Well   qualified,   experienced   certified   lecturers   train   the   participants   with   easy   to   use   step   by   step   training   material in   the   most   optimised   period   of   time.   The   aim   of   the   Institute   is   to   provide   education   through   the   most   modern tools to improve the level of skill among the students. With   its   Main   Campus   in   Malta,   ITHAMS   provides   training   courses   not   only   to   people   wishing   to   improve   their knowledge   but   also   to   those   who   would   like   to   start   training   in   their   chosen   field.   The   services   offered   by   the Institute   will   not   be   limited   to   local   graduates,   but   will   be   extended   to   countries   in   the   Mediterranean   basin, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Malta   is   strategically   placed   as   a   location   for   the   institute.   The   fact   that   it   is   located   in   an   English-speaking country   which   is   safe,   within   the   European   Union   and   therefore   politically   and   economically   stable   makes   it   ideal for   candidates   from   The   Mediterranean   Basin,   Europe,   Africa   and   the   Middle   East.   With   a   great   wealth   of   history, culture   and   unique   archaeological   sites   as   well   as   enjoying   an   excellent   maritime   climate,   renders   it   all   the   more attractive and unique.
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