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The   Institute   of   Technology,   Humanities,   Arts,   Medicine   and   the   Sciences   (ITHAMS)   has   been   created   in   order   to provide   courses   in   various   and   diverse   aspects   of   learning.      ITHAMS   consists   of   a   framework   of   Faculties   which provide   individualised   courses   that   are   tailed   to   clients’   needs   and   specific   requirements.   ITHAMS   is   one   of   the leading   Institutes   of   its   kind   in   Malta.   With   a   prospectus   that   overs   over   a   100   different   courses,   the   institute integrates   knowledge,   research,   industry   experience   and   international   exposure   to   offer   comprehensive   training programmes. With   a   small   student-to-faculty   ratio,   students   easily   interact   with   lecturers   as   most   lectures   occurs   in   small   class sizes. ITHAMS’    academic    excellence    is    reflected    by    its    growing    number    of    students.    ITHAMS’    various    student    body provides   a   global   context   for   student   learning,   and   its   location   in   Malta   provides   connections   to   employers   in industries   such   as   finance,   health   care,   technology,   service,   and   education,   offering   students   opportunities   to   gain valuable in-school experience via placements, and other career-related placements. A   number   of   interdisciplinary   institutes   and   faculties   have   been   set   up   in   various   fields   of   study.   The   main faculties    are    the    Institute    of    Medical    Emergency    Education,    the    Malta    Institute    for    Medical    Education,    The Institute   of   Technology,   Security,   Networks   and   Communication   and   the   Institute   for   Personal   Development.   A number    of    other    faculties    consist    of    the    following:    International    Relations,    Law,    Arts,    Engineering,    Science, Psychiatry and Languages. Conscious   of   its   public   role,   the   Institute   endeavours   to   create   courses   which   are   relevant   and   timely   in   response to   the   needs   of   the   industry   and   social   sector.   The   governing   body   of   the   Institute   is   the   board   of   directors   and   the head of each faculty.
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