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Faculty Members Information Technology, Security, Networks & Communications
Mr. Daryl Zammit Director of ICT & Administration Director of Femeraid International - Malta Director - Malta Cross Foundation (Europe) Prof. David J.  Zammit President of Femeraid International - Malta Senior Lecturer - Femeraid International - Europe (Faculty of Emergency Medical Care) Senior Lecturer - (Faculty of Information Technology, Security, Networks and Communications ) Commander in Chief (International) - Special Rescue Group - St. Lazarus Corps Prof. Victor Grech Associate Professor of Paediatrics, University of Malta Editor-in-chief - Images Paediatr Cardiol. Dr. Stefan Vella Director of Legal Services Lecturer - Data Protection Dr. Joe Pace Senior Lecturer - Health Management systems Femeraid International - Malta (Faculty of I.C.T) Ms Tania Camilleri Lecturer - (Faculty of the Humanities) Mr. Christopher Cutajar Lecturer - Industrial Relations