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Prof. David J.  Zammit Head of Academia President of Femeraid International - Malta Senior Lecturer - Femeraid International - Europe (Faculty of Emergency Medical Care) Senior Lecturer - (Faculty of Information Technology, Security, Networks and Communications ) Commander in Chief (International) - Special Rescue Group - St. Lazarus Corps Prof. Victor Grech Master of Studies  Consultant Paediatrician (Cardiol) -  Mater Dei Hospital, Malta Associate Professor of Paediatrics, University of Malta Editor-in-chief - Images Paediatr Cardiol. Mr. Daryl Zammit Director of ICT & Administration Director of Femeraid International - Malta Director - Malta Cross Foundation (Europe) Dr. Renal Blundell Senior Lecturer - Physiology & Biochemistry,  University of Malta Faculty of Medicine & Surgery Dr. Stefan Vella Director of Legal Services Lecturer - Health Law Ms. Mariella Scerri Executive Secretary to the Directors Lecturer - The English language in the Medical Profession Senior Lecturer (Faculty of Medical Emergency) Dr. John Mifsud Consultant Psychiatrist, Head of the Malta Postgraduate Psychiatry Training Programme Senior Lecturer, University of Malta Couple and Sex Therapy Specialist Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist Prof. Joseph M. Cacciottolo Consultant Respiratory Physician Associate Professor, University of Malta Coordinator for the Humanities, Medicine and Science Programme U.O.M Dr. Nuno Gonçalo Cosmelli Senior Lecturer - Femeraid International - Africa & Malta (Faculty of Emergency Medical Care) Lecturer - American Heart Association Medical advisor of the Education Expert Panel African Federation of Emergency Medicine Eng Giovanni Farrugia Director - Geocon International Lecturer - Femeraid International - Malta (Faculty of Health & Safety) Work Site Advisor Dr. Joe Pace Senior Lecturer - Health Management systems Femeraid International - Malta (Faculty of I.C.T) Dr. Maria Axiac Lecturer Femeraid International - Malta (Faculty of Medicine) Ms Tania Camilleri Lecturer - (Faculty of the Humanities) Mr. Christopher Cutajar Lecturer - Industrial Relations Dr. Taher Fatah Elkady Senior Lecturer (Faculty of Medicine) Head of Cardiology Department, Director of Interventional and Endovascular Intervention Unit National Hearth Institute, Cairo - Egypt Ms. Erika Zammit Lecturer - (Faculty of Emergency Medical Care) Lecturer -  Femeraid International - Malta (Faculty of Emergency Medical Care) Lecturer - Special Rescue Group - St. Lazarus Corps Ms. Amanda Cassar Personal Assistant to Prof. D. Zammit (Head of the Institute)
Faculty Members Institute of Medical Emergency Education