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Emergency Medical Care First Aid Advanced First Aid Advanced First Aid at Work Advanced Paediatric First Aid First Aid for Civil Aviation Basic Life Support BLS & AED for Adults BLS & AED for Paediatrics BLS & AED - General  Life Support (Advanced) LSA & AED for Adults LSA & AED for Paediatrics LSA & AED - General Life Support (Immediate) LSI for Adults LSI for Paediatrics LSI - General Cardio Life Support (Advanced)  CLSA for Adults CLSA for Paediatrics Trauma International Life Support TILS for Adults TILS for Paediatrics TILS - General Trauma Advanced Life Support TALS for Adults TALS for Paediatrics TALS - Combined Trauma Military Intermediate Life Support TMILS for Military Medical Personnel TMILS for Medical Corpsman TMILS for Police forces Trauma Military AdvancedLife Support TMALS for Military Medical Personnel TMALS for Medical Corpsman TMALS for Police Forces Hospital Emergency Care HEC for the emergency Medical Staff HEC for Emergency Nurses HEC - Management Medical Emergincies at Sea Medical Care On-board Ship Training (MCOST) Basic Principles of First Aid at Sea (BPFAS) Intermediate First Aid at Sea (IFAS) Advanced First Aid at Sea (AFAS) Out Of Hospital Emergencies Need To Anticipate and Prepare Assessment of the trauma victim using the ITLS approach Effective communication as a member  of a resuscitation team Mass Casualty & Disaster Management Course Effective Triage Emergency Field Medicine Training the Combat Medic Training Police Special Squads, medical personnel